Tools and Resources

Use our tools and resources to find additional information on hereditary angioedema (HAE), to explore your family tree, or to find the meaning of a term used to explain the causes, symptoms, treatment, or management of HAE.

Diagnosis Letters PDF

Use these customizable letters to notify and educate doctors, dentists or your child's school about HAE.

Family tree

You already know that HAE runs in families. Track HAE in your family by tracing your own family’s bloodline with the Family Tree Builder tool.


Tracking prodromal symptoms, triggers, HAE attacks and medication intake helps keep the lines of communication open between families with HAE and their physicians. This patient journal provides the tool that can help individualize and optimize treatment of HAE.

HAE glossary

Sometimes a word or term used to describe HAE or its treatment needs to be explained. Use the HAE glossary to find the meanings of terms you don’t understand.

Frequently asked questions

See what others have asked and how their questions were answered by a doctor.

Connecting with the HAE community

Learn about how to connect with supportive organizations and others with HAE.

Understanding HAE

View a video about HAE, why it is often misunderstood, and how it is currently being treated.