Preventive therapy

Preventive (or “prophylactic”) therapy is ongoing treatment you take to prevent HAE attacks. Your doctor may recommend this type of ongoing treatment if you experience frequent or severe attacks, or if your lifestyle is dramatically impaired by HAE.

On-demand therapy

On-demand (or “acute”) therapy is used to treat HAE attacks as they occur. This type of treatment can help reduce the severity and duration of HAE attacks. People with HAE should always have ready access to their on-demand therapy.

The US Hereditary Angioedema Association can help you find an HAE specialist in your area.

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Treatment for throat swelling

When there's swelling in the throat (laryngeal edema), emergency care is needed to quickly control the swelling and protect the airways. Anyone experiencing a laryngeal attack should seek immediate medical attention.

TIP: Neither corticosteroids nor antihistamines have been shown to have any real effect on HAE attacks.

Not all treatments are the same

Different HAE treatments are given in different ways. Some are approved for use in age groups that others are not.

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Working with a doctor is vital

If you or a family member has HAE, it's important to work with your doctor to develop the right treatment plan for you.

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